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Window and Door Parts Guide:
Information needed to ensure you get the correct part.
(3) Exterior aluminum clad color, if applicable.
White, Sand, Bronze, Green, Eggshell, Brick Red, Black, Clear Anodize, Champagne Anodize
(4) Product style
Casement, Awning, Double Hung, Sliding, Swinging, or  Sliding Door.
(5) Glass width -
If you do not know, measure the width of the exposed glass area..
(6) Glass height -
If you do not know, measure the height of the exposed glass area.
(7) Glass type -
will be identified in the code etched on the lower corner of the glass. 
Grill lites
i.e. 2W x 3H, or Queen Anne (shown right)
(8) Glass ID#  - Is required for all replacements and can be found on the metal spacer channel in-between the panes of glass or etched directly on the glass.  The ID# on the channel will consist of one or two letters and three numbers. i.e.  L302CC
(9 Hinging
As viewed from the outside of the home.
Casement: Hinged Left, Hinged Right, Fixed, or Picture
Awning: Operator, or Fixed
Double Hung: Top, Bottom, Fixed, or Picture
Sliding Window: Operator-L, Operator-R, Fixed, or Picture
Sliding Patio Door: Operator, Fixed, or Sidelite
Swing Patio Door: Hinged Left, Hinged Right, or Fixed
Dual Swing Patio Door: Main Active, Semi Active, or Fixed

(10) Hardware color:

Casement, Double Hung, Upgrade Sliding and Swinging Multi-point Patio door Options include: Standard gold tone, white, Bright Brass, Antique Brass, Brushed Chrome, Polished Chrome, Oil-Rubbed.
Clad and Wood Swinging Patio single point (double bore) handle set - (Contemporary or French lever) - Antique brass, bright brass, or white.
Wood/Clad Sliding Patio Door Standard Handle
- White or Black

Information needed for sash replacement:
Using the above guide, specify 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, and
Type of Grill Lites, W x H or Queen Anne
Is the Glass tempered? Yes or No
Is the Glass Obsure? Yes or No
Do you have Grilles in Air Space? 
If yes, interior color______ Exterior color_______ flat or contoured______
Hurd divided light? If yes, color______ Size: 5/8", 7/8". 1", 1 1/4", 2"
Removable Grilles? If yes: Surround?______Size:5/8", 1", 1 1/4"

Information needed for casement or door hardware:
Using the above guide, specify 10, 9, and
Swing Door: Single or Multi-point
Sliding Door: Standard, Up-grade, or C-handle
Year of Purchase_______

Information needed for double or single hung balance systems:
Using the above guide, specify 5, 6, and
Color of Balance: White or Beige
Year of Purchase_______

Rectangular grille patterns according to sash size:
Double Hung:
Smaller Sashes         Larger Picture Sashes

Hurd Window Installation: 
View, print or download pdf.


Questions and Answers:
Q: My house was built in 1989 with Hurd windows. They are triple pane casement windows. Some of them have discoloration in the glass, which I believe may be from the gas in the windows. Can these be fixed, or would I need to replace the windows to restore them to their original condition?

A: Thanks for your inquiry. Hurd not longer makes a triple pane glass. The reason is that new technology glass equals or surpasses the 3 pane technology and is less expensive. Sash replacements, assuming your frames are in good shape, are the most cost effective and should be as energy efficient as the ones you currently have. You will most likely find the new glass even more comfortable.

Q:  The upper "tongue" of the latch on my active in-swing french door has to be manually lifted in order to close the door correctly (the lower tongue is lined up okay).  Can I make an adjustment to the tongue myself or do I have to replace a part? 
 You should be able to adjust your roller ear. See the pics. At the end of the roller, there is a hex head that receives an Allen wrench. Find an Allen wrench that fits the screw head. Align your roller to the position you want it to remain when the door is open. Simply tighten the Allen screw in the roller about a 1/4 turn past the point you get tension with the screw. Your roller is now set to perform properly.

Over periods of time, the screw can become loose and allow the roller to drop below the appropriate position.

****Caution, do not over tighten the Allen screw as you can damage the gear and you will then to replace the slide bar at about $50.00 each.

Adjusting your French door roller ears-------------->

Q:  When ordering a replacement primed wood casement sash for a unit manufactured prior to 1988, what modifications have to be made to make the sash fit the frame?
A:  How to trim a new casement sash to fit a frame mfg before 1988.
     Print or view one page instructions

Q:  When ordering a replacement primed wood awning sash for a unit manufactured prior to 1988, what modifications have to be made to make the sash fit the frame?
A:  How to trim a new awning sash to fit a frame mfg before 1988.
     Print or view one page instructions

Q:  How do you replace a Hurd double hung balance assembly?
A:  Click on the image below and watch video.

Click image to start video.

Q:  How do you replace a Hurd casement window control arm operator?
A:  Click on the image below and watch video.

Click image to start video.


Q:  Can the little gear be replaced in the crank.  The house is only 7 years old and it is not easy to find a date on the glass or between the windows.
A:  You must purchase an arm operator in order to get the gears you are referring to. Do you have a casement or an awning window? If you are uncertain of the year your window was manufactured, you can send us a digital picture and we can identify the arm operator for you. You will likely need a casement arm operator used after 1998 (according to our website and the age of the house that you mentioned). You will need to measure the width of the visible glass to determine if you need a dual or a dyad arm operator.


Q. How do you properly lock Hurd double patio doors doors.
A:  Lift the left door handle toward the roof, shut the left door, then close and lock the right door.  Click here more info.


Q:  How do you reverse the handing of a sliding door handle?
A:  See how-to photos below.


 Order a Hurd sliding door handle.

Q:  How do you adjust a casement window?  My sash won't fully close.
A:  Shown in the pictures below is the pin at the closest point to your hinge and the open position whereby the pin is rotated 180 degrees.  The elongated movement slides the pin over 1/16" from the hinge side.  With the aid of the geometry, it should allow your sash to fully close.

Wrench sold here

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Glossary of Terms:
the framework holding the glass in a window

Door panel:
the framework holding the glass in a door

Double hung windows: have two sash that move up and down, one behind the other.

Casement windows: these are hinged on one side, like a door, and they are operated with a crank handle.

Awning windows: these are like casement windows turned sideways. They are hinged at the top and a crank handle moves the bottom out like a flap.

Fixed windows/Picture windows: This type of window doesn’t open at all.

Balance spring: device for counterbalancing a sliding sash, usually associated with a double-hung window, so the sash may be held open at any given position.

Circle-top window: A stationary window with glass shaped in a half-circle. May be called a half round or a round-top window.

Frame: Parts that are attached to the wood members lining the rough opening of a window or door and enclose the sash.

French door: A door with rectangle panes extending its full length – also called a garden door.

Glass stop: A strip surrounding the edge of the glass in a window or door; it is applied to the sash on either the interior or exterior and holds the glass in place. Also called a glazing bead.

Sliding patio door: A door with two or more glass panels, of which one or more slides open horizontally.

Grille: An ornamental item that visually divides a piece of glass into separate panes; gives the appearance of divided light.

Insulating glass: hermetically sealed air space between two panes of glass. Marked as “IG” on the spacer bar.

Low – Emissivity (Low E) glass: glass that restricts the passage of radiant heat in and out. A metal oxide coating is affixed to one of two panes of glass. Marked as “LE” on the spacer bar.

Heat mirror glass: No longer available from Hurd

Tempered glass: High strength safety glass, required by building codes in certain applications. Will be etched in the bottom corner of the sash glass.

Spacer bar: an aluminum bar that can be found surrounding the entire perimeter between the two pieces of glass that make up a sash. It is stamped with Hurd codes that can indicate year of manufacturing, type of glass, etc.

       Visual Assistance  Click on images to enlarge

Compression jamb liners

Jamb liner - showing cut out in sash

Old style sash lock

Full surround grille clip

Old Style casement lock

Handle crank

Compression balance profile

Parting bead, spring balance

Shows even size top/bottom sash

Old style aluminum clad seam in exterior

Cottage style uneven sashes

KD grille - no grille clip shown

KD grille with grille clip

New style tilt sash

Parting bead & screw on tilt sash

Jamb liner profile on tilt sash assembly

Tilt sash hardware

Tilt sash balance assembly

Old casement profile from exterior

Old casement exterior mull covers

Old casement exterior mull covers

Mull cover popping out

Circle top double hung window

Double hung with half round mulled above

Before wax

Use car wax to polish exterior finish - gets rid of chalking

After waxing

After waxing

Shows sagging sash - improper shim @ installation

Cottage style sashes

Casement folding handle

Casement folding handle

Classic casement exterior

Energy saver casement exterior - no seam

Multi-point hardware on active inswing French door

Tongue system on active inswing French door

Latch & strike pad on active inswing French door

Handle set on semi-active inswing door

Strike plates

Multi-point strike plates

Top keeper plate

Out swing door- manual lever shoot bolt (option)

Single point lock

Out swing door

5/8" SDL

1" SDL regal

1 1/4" SDL super regal

Measure glass width

Measure glass height

Door width

Door height

New style sash lock

Awning hardware

Awning unit

Hinge Clip for Current Style Awning and Casement Windows

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3.) The year it was manufactured - this can be found etched in one of the four corners of the glass or,
      stamped on the spacer bar between the 2 panes of glass, or else tell us the year your home was built.

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