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Chart of
Grille Patterns
according to
Sash Size:
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"Just finished installing
the window order.....
everything fit perfectly.
You guys are

How-to video
Replace balance

How to
Determine Size:
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"We installed the new balance assemblies last weekend and my husband is now a pro! 

It really was easy and the windows are all working properly for the first time in years."  ---VK


Hurd Window Parts >Double Hung
>Compression Style
>Primed Wood:



     Double Hung Primed Wood Window Parts

for Double Hung COMPRESSION STYLE Primed Wood Windows

In 2008 Hurd Windows discontinued the remanufacture of old style wood and aluminum clad compression (you squeeze the vinyl balance to tilt) style sash. There are a couple of very good reasons. The volume of demand on the old  style compression sash was low. Hurd has always made an excellent product and, Hurd rarely had  customers requiring the replacement of these sashes.  Avoiding raising the price of these sash to prohibitive levels, Hurd made the logical choice of discontinuing these old technology sashes.  

Because Hurd has maintained their sizing for at least 30 plus years, their most up to date sashes and block and tackle system can faithfully replace the old sash and fragile spring loaded balances.  You can order the modern sash with easy tilt slide latches and weather strip balances which provide a much more weather tight window than your old Hurd windows.  The secret to a window’s overall performance, assuming the frame was installed properly when new, is the fit and operation of the balances and sashes. The Hurd balance system, which changed around 2004, is significantly easier to operate. Additionally, the system is one of the tightest systems in the industry.  Order with confidence that you will notice an increase in performance, comfort and easy operation.  The sash systems can be changed out in about 10 minutes excluding painting.

Notes: *If your old sashes have removable grilles, you MUST buy NEW Full surround grilles because your existing ones will not fit. 

Hurd Compression Style - Upgrade Kits - Sash Packs
for Double Hung COMPRESSION STYLE Primed Wood Windows

Typical installation time - 10 minutes per window!     Upgrade Kit contains:   
New top and bottom sashes, new jamb liners, new tilt latches and sash locks
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Save 6% when you order 2 or more.   Discount is applied in the shopping cart. .                                                                              *price includes shipping

Sash Size *in inches

How to determine size: Click Here

(Width x Height)     

Larger picture sash sizes or Cottage style
 (top and bottom are not the same size)
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Glass Type
Glass Performance

Hardware Color
Tilt latches and lock


Interior Wood Finish
Primed wood vs natural unfinished


Grille Options 
*If your old sashes have removable grilles, you MUST buy NEW full surround grilles because your existing ones will not fit.

If you are adding a grille, select a design type:       
No Grille   Rectangular   Queen Anne

Help with Rectangular
Grille Options:
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If you selected Rectangular Grille Pattern above:


  Save 50% and include a screen  + $53.50

Year of Manufacture
The year of manufacture can be found either etched in one of the four corners of the glass or else, stamped or imprinted on the spacer bar between the two panes of glass. If unsure, tell us when they were installed in your house.

What year your windows were installed or mfg?

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for Double Hung COMPRESSION STYLE Primed Wood Windows

FREE Shipping when you buy 3 or more screens.
Mix and match can be Casement, Awning, or Double Hung. 
An additional shipping & handling fee of $120 will be applied on orders of 1 screen or $60 on orders of 2 screens.

*Determine screen size by measuring the dimensions of the glass width and glass height.

Size - Width x Height
Size refers to Glass Dimension.
How to Determine Size -
Click Here

Cottage style
(top and bottom are not the same size)

Assistance required
Color Price


16 inch

Screen Parts for HURD Windows

  *all prices below include shipping - continental US only.


Corner Keys -
Mfg. pre 12/06

Set of 4


Corner Keys-
Mfg. after 12/06

Set of 4


   Screen Receivers
Required to fit the top portion of screens in older Hurd
    primed wood exterior double hungs. (not used on clad
    frames) one pair required per double hung.
    Used at top of frame only.

per pair

    Screen Spline

per 20ft
Screen Plunger Set
4 Caps, 4 Screen Springs,
and 4 Screen Plungers


Hurd Sash Tilt Pins

Sold in Pairs $8.50

Clutch Shoes for
Balance Assembly

Package of 2 $11.50


 for Double Hung COMPRESSION STYLE Aluminum Clad Windows

We will be in contact shortly after the purchase of each balance assembly.
One of our sales reps will reach out asking for pictures of the balances
being replaced, the visible glass dimensions in one of the window sashes,
and the exterior material of the window. Once we have all of that info
confirmed, we'll be sure to place your order!

Fill Out This Form to Get Your Balance Assembly Faster!
Item Description Color Price
*Includes shipping


Balance Assembly for
Glass Width 16" and 20"

See example above.
Sold as a set, left and right side jambliners.
Balance Assembly for
Glass Width 24" and 28"
See example above.
Sold as a set, left and right side jambliners.
Balance Assembly for
Glass Width 32", 36" and 40"

See example above.
Sold as a set, left and right side jambliners.
 for Double Hung COMPRESSION STYLE Windows
Weather Strip - Gray Bulb
for bottom rail of lower sash
and top of head stop

*Includes shipping
 Checkrail Weather Strip -
New Style
*Includes shipping
Checkrail Weather Strip -
Old Style Gray

*Includes shipping
Folding Nailing Fin  Part #024194 
 Used at the head and sides.
 Sold in 6 foot lengths
per 6ft.

GRILLE PARTS      *Price includes shipping   

  PLEASE STUDY  these photographs and be sure they look like your clip.  Many
  builders and Hurd distributors used aftermarket grills and clips.  If your clips do not
  look like the ones in these images, and do not measure exactly 1” or 5/8” wide, our
  clips will not work on your grille.

5/8" Traditional
Knock Down
Grille Clips
Bag of 12

1" Regal
Knock Down Type
 Grille Clips

Bag of 12
Push Pin and Grommet Style
for Full Surround Door Grilles

Bag of 12
Grille Clips

Bag of 6
Screen Retainer Clips

Bag of 12

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Expect between 4-5 weeks for delivery - most parts and accessories.
*All prices include shipping and handling within the continental US only.

If you have a question, or need information,
Contact us

If you call, please be prepared to leave a message with the following information:

1.) Type of window or door,  i.e. casement, awning, double hung window, or swinging or sliding door.
2.) Is it aluminum clad or primed wood on the exterior
3.) The year it was manufactured - this can be found etched in one of the four corners of the glass or,
      stamped on the spacer bar between the 2 panes of glass, or else tell us the year your home was built.

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